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HERBAL MEDICINE SERIES 2024    application>>>

HERBAL & NATURAL MEDICINE TRAINING SERIES               A certificate series


Achievement of the assignment of the full series conveys

a Certificate in Herbal Studies

WE MEET ONCE A MONTH, THIRD SATURDAY excepting August. 930-230.    Bring something for your lunch to eat at our site, as there will be no time to go out and pick up lunch. January 20 onward.Update, we will decide as  group to change the July date as we are renting out our studio to a professional CE agenc


Students will learn to create, make, store, apply, and use a variety of herbal medicines  upon completion.  Students will directly learn which body systems/ physiology and conditions the herbal formulations should be used for, or applied to.

This is HANDS ON EXPERIENTIAL TIME, with supplementation to the program with ASSIGNMENTS, FIELD WORK outside of class via a documentation booklet given to students.  Students will be required to read some text, and obtain 2 or more required reference books.    The  mission of the series is to empower participants in the use and understanding of applied natural medicine and herbal medicine  methods and techniques for personal or clinical use.

LOCATION: Our Studio / Apothecary   3684 w. Liberty road ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN 48103    734-769-7794

FEES -  $1,500.00 tuition fee to be paid up front in cash. There are monthly materials fees of $25.00 per person, paid in cash  There are no scholarships , loans, or deferred payments. There may be a waiting list for placement. Participants will take home medicines to use each class .

" DROP IN"   FEE -  $125.00  - by advance payment and registration. This option is for participants who do not wish to go through the series for Certification.  Pick your dates, rsvp ahead of time,  pay the fees, attend.

TO REGISTER :  CALL , TEXT,     734-769-7794 OR E MAIL  You may fill out your application and pay at our location or have an application send and then mail in your registration with a check. ​



Materials for the on- premises hands on work are supplied within the program fees.  Samples of medicinal products are given to students as covered by lab fees.

Students are expected to gather some of their own materials at their own cost, for development of home apothecary, and to pay for their own recommended books. 

Books:  Field Guide to North Central and North Eastern Wildflowers, Peterson.  Do not buy a field guide to “medicinal plants”.  Use this title.  Any edition.

The New Holistic Herbal  by David Hoffman.  Any edition.  Books are not required, but they are recommended.  A used edition is fine.


MARY LIGHT, ND MH LMT is a medicinal clinical herbalist of 20+ years experience as teacher, master herbalist, consultant, and practitioner. She maintains an apothecary on the site of her State Licensed  school, established in 2009.


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