The Ann Arbor School of Massage, Herbal & Natural Medicine provides various education opportunities. 

Visit each page of Academic Offerings  for complete registration details.


In addition to our diploma program the school offers individual classes, continuing education, a wellness collective for student professional development, a herb lab, and a resource room.  Some Instructors offer CONTINUING EDUCATION WITH CERTIFICATION AND DOCUMENTATION OF CE HOURS. 

We welcome and encouraged school visits. Prospective students may visit once, or several times.  A standard 1 Hour “sit in on a class” visit is free and may be scheduled (by appointment) from 11 am - noon  when classes are in session.

Email or call 734-769-7794 to schedule your visit.

We strongly feel that education thrives in a supportive, inspiring setting, with structure, and the opportunity to seriously academically explore. The enjoyment and laughter we have experienced in our classes over the past 10+ years contributes to a healthy learning experience and an avenue for personal and professional healing.

                                            >>> 200$  Bonus discount if registered by June 1 for the Fall 2022 program.
Fall 2022 Tuition rate:  $7,500 plus lab fees.  Pay up front,  or payment plan possible. Registration deadline is July 1, 2022

Massage Therapy          ( Classes are scheduled over the course of 1 yr)
The Massage Therapy program is 698   State of Michigan approved clock hours leading to the opportunity to apply for State Licensure, with MBLEX review.

NOTE:  One partial Work Exchange position available now to offset fall tuition. Contact the School by telephone for information. Work Exchange requires a committment to working at the School 4 hours a week for the 12 month duration

Our students live the work of PROGRESSIVE AND CURRENT PROFESSIONAL BODYWORK/MASSAGE THERAPY PRACTICES  throughout the class structure, while engaging with a portfolio of experiential academic assignments which are completed in their own time outside of class and under staff mentorship. As effective massage therapists, students also learn to heal their own ills,  and graduate able to confidently help others through assessment, evaluation, treatment, and guidance.

 Our classes do not meet every week. They typically meet in scheduled 3 day modules (Th/F/Sat from 830- 330) approximately every other week, with a holiday and a short summer break scheduled.  Complete schedules are found on the individual program's page.  80 clinic hours are required by the school over and above the 'CLOCK HOUR
CLASS MEETING SCHEDULE.  Bear this in mind when deciding to enroll.

Benefits & Perks of our School Programs 

  • FREE LIABILITY INSURANCE Massage Therapy Students, with your One Term Student Membership conveyed with the enrollment in our program

  • Payment Plan is available 


  • Development of a professional `PORTFOLIO while in the program.

  • Specific and special training in Negotiating JOB CONTRACTUAL TERMS

  • Student Interns RECEIVE A 25% DISCOUNT on any continuing education electives the School is offering, provided they register in advance with payment.

  • USE OF GENEROUS HEALING ARTS Resource  LIBRARY on the school premises. (We do not have a lending library)

  • THE SCHOOL WILL SHARE ALL JOB POSTINGS WITH STUDENTS AND GRADS job postings for long term jobs and also for events come into the school on a regular basis.  Some schools call this "job placement"- but we realize it is YOU , THE GRADUATE, who is in the best position to connect with a near future job as an informed and well trained grad, in part through the postings we share.

  • Ask about our WORK EXCHANGE to see if you qualify to earn up to 30% off your tuition by setting up an agreement to work for the School one weekday morning or afternoon a week..

Continuing Education Classes

We offer classes all year round on a wide variety of topics. Visit our Continuing Education page to view more details.

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