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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQs to see if your questions are answered here. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions regarding any of our Services or Academic Programs.

Email or call 734-769-7794

We strongly feel that education thrives in a supportive, inspiring setting, with structure, and the opportunity to seriously academically explore. The enjoyment and laughter we have experienced in our classes over the past 10+ years contributes to a healthy learning experience and an avenue for personal and professional healing.

Lisa Bozeman  - a testimonial

I don’t usually write reviews but I myself feel a responsibility to ENCOURAGE people to use this School. I have learned more from Mary Light and her teachers in 10 MONTHS than I learned in over 20 YEARS of both self and school study of natural medicine and holistic care. Her non-linear and hands-on way of teaching taught me to TEACH MYSELF and to develop the critical thinking skills that are necessary and so important in the world of natural healing. Anything can be memorized and put down on paper like most schools, but it’s useless if we don’t understand the basics, the root of natural medicine and how to THINK. This is what Mary does. Not only that but she personally and intimately understands and works with each student. She cares what they get out their education beyond the certificate and is never too busy to give of herself and share her knowledge and great love of natural healing at any time - in or out of the classroom. I first completed a 3 month course in Herbal Medicine in the Spring. Then I was allowed to start a very enjoyable apprenticeship at the school and later that Fall started the 2 year Naturopathic program. Mary personally worked with me to make this possible through any challenges I had. I learned how to support the health of a handicapped toddler with significant health issues at a time when doctors and specialists had nothing to offer. I would recommend this School a hundred times over to anyone who really wants to learn TRUE natural medicine in the real world. 



 "Read our latest interview with MysticMag" with a direct link to that page... )





Class meets promptly 830 am to 330 EVERY THURSDAY AND ALTERNATE FRIDAYS each month.

For 2024 the Friday dates are : Jan 12 & 26; Feb 9 & 23; March 8 and 22, April 12 and 26

May 10 and 17 , June 7 and 21; July 12 and 26, Aug 2 and 9, Aug Sept 13 and 27; Oct 11 and 25,

Nov 8 and 22; sand Dec 6 and 20.


Be aware that the state of Michigan requires that a State Licensed school does administer an  intern clinic- the hours of which are "right after class"  or on a non class day. AASM requires 90 clinic hours, and they are easily attained and accumulated over an years period  


Yes, we do require a class observation before we can approve an application for admittance.- 

And this is best for you, the prospective student, as well! 

These are available every Thursday by advance rsvp, by calling 734-769-7794.   They are from 11-1145 .  There are no other times available for this purpose; we are unable to meet on weekends, or evenings- just on School class Thursdays.  These are opportunities to look around and experience how a class is conducted and how students and teachers interact. All other planning information is listed on the School Website. Questions beyond this may be addressed via phone or e mail. 

You may also come to the Intern Clinic and get a massage! A great way to evaluate our School. We schedule CLINIC ALL WEEK. 

How to Apply?   

Come over to get an Application, or -  Download the application form, print and follow instructions. There is a $200.00 CASH  application fee, required to submit in person with the completed application.   Applications are not processed or reviewed without this fee.   A School visit to observe a class in session is required as part of the admissions process- prospective students may attend as many of these as they wish, including with different teachers. 

TESTIMONIALS :  Prospective students and clients are welcome to view our authentic testimonials and feedback from actual clients and students. Bear in mind, also, that our interns develop loyal followings from clients coming to the clinic, and want to return again and again.  Here are a few of the recent ones:


  New One:  My fiance LOVED her massage. She said it was better than any she has had in a long time. She goes to (_____local establishment___) and she said this was so much better.  Now she wants to come twice a month! "

" This was an amazing and wonderful massage- just perfect. I am really impressed with what you are doing here and how the school is managed...." 

 " All the right places were addressed, and the pressure modulation and flow were very good!"  

" I felt very comfortable here, instantly walking in the door I could feel the peace and mindful energy.  This is so helpful to me as I am gong through some stressful times"

" I have consistently felt and experienced that your students have a very positive and skilled  touch, presence, and skills for massage that is largely missing elsewhere- it is amazing, really. " 


Yes, they are in One Hour session times, and they do expire within a year of issue.  Simply call 734-769-7794 to set up an appointment, and bring your card/certificate/coupon with you at the time of appointment, so that we may redeem it.  We require 24 hours notice if the need to cancel or reschedule occurs.  They are not redeemable for cash and are not refundable.

Policies Regarding Health and Viruses?

 While maintaining a hygienic environment as we have for the past 20 years, the School does not force or mandate an individual's medical decisions or practices.  The customary caveats are in place as to staying home to recover-  when ill, feverish, or in an acute state.  To date there have been zero transmissions or spreads of illness within our setting.

The School does not mandate .  We honor and respect the variety of health care choices that are present in our community, and honor health freedoms as well as confidentiality.  We support  for their dedication to truth in science .


How are programs Scheduled?

See the schedule on this site. On the home page, as well, we indicate that School if every and all Thursdays  and two Fridays a month. For more exact scheduling dates, please refer to the resource links on each program's page for the class year of interest. 

A NOTE ON ABSENCES- There have been times when a student or two HAVE EXCESSIVE ABSENCES, despite the fact that we only meet 6 days a month!  Clock hours would need to be made up, as the State of Michigan requires completion of clock hours in order to receive a diploma.  The manner in which clock hours are made up is at the discretion of the school.

What is the Curriculum?

National Standards overseen by the Federation for Massage Therapy Schools  (  require a breakdown of class hours to be included in any standard curriculum,  in the following areas of studyAnatomy and Physiology; Pathology; Supervised in- class hands on Practicum of massage therapy methods and application.  Methods include Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy,trigger point work, Myofascial release, and others.  Additionally we include the nationally required clock hours of Ethics, Business  Marketing,  Special Populations,  Prenatal Massage, Reflexology, Asian Bodywork Overview,  to enrich health sciences understanding and practice


This standard breakdown has been in place in the educational industry of massage therapy for more than 20 years- following standards set by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. (NCBTMB)


AASM follows this overview, with an official Transcript sent to Lansing, Michigan to support the LicensureApplication.  Be aware that all individual schools will impart knowledge and wisdom as set forth by the Teaching Staff - not every school is the same. 


How to Finance?

Students pay for tuition on their own, through their own means.  Enrollment contracts are between Student and School.  We recommend that prospective students have their financing in order prior to submitting an application.  Do understand as well that there are books and supplies to procure- the School does not provide these to enrolled students.

We do not process student loans -  we do offer a payment plan with a $2,500.00 deposit.  The payment plan contract adds an $800.00 administrative fee to the overall balance.  Thus, the reason our tuition is able to be lower than schools which process federal loans. There is no requiirement to take the payment plan- students are always welcome to pay the full tuition up front.

What are policies, for refunds, absences, grading, Leave of Absence, and so on?

We are happy to send a copy of the Enrollment Contract , to read over,  to you by request, via email.  This is a legal contract written with input from the Lansing agency of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.  The  CATALOG is also on this site for your download.

Does the School have protocols for sickness and hygiene? 

The premises offers four hand-washing sinks, as well as sanitation sprays to clean surfaces , including that of equipment.  This includes the use of special Ultraviolet Light devices set out in rooms during cleaning. 


We strongly believe in the individual right and choice to make one's own  confidential health care  and medical decisions  - - to that end:

~ Do not attend classes or appointments if you are sick .  Stay home and rest, and evaluate your condition.  That said, "sickness" does not cancel the need to meet required clock hours.

~ Students, Staff and patrons are completely free to wear a mask if they feel they need a mask.  And of course they are free to not to. 

Please do take the time to read our Blog entries on health and therapeutics.


Does the School offer Job Placement?

The school receives calls every week from employers, seeking to hire. We pass this information on to our students and grads. Additionally, with our many years of experience in this field, we are able to give good counsel on the process of establishing yourself as a practitioner. NO SCHOOL can actually “place” someone in a job, so that terminology is misleading- unless the School itself hires a grad for internal hire. We guide our students and grads towards the better jobs by helping them understand the market and opportunities.

Our students generally have jobs lined up before they even complete the program. 


I have a lot of questions, do you offer additional career advisory? 


We are set up to address all the planning questions from the website, over the phone, and through our invitations to rsvp to visit a live class.   Those processes have always given the prospective student the information they need to make a decision.


We  also offer a Career Consult for $75, it is by appointment. Optional, but here if you need it.  Most of our admissions proceed easily without this consult. 


How can I get to know the atmosphere of the School, and Teachers, better?

School visits for prospective students are welcomed anytime. We offer the opportunity to schedule a "sit-in" on a class for an adequate  (typically from 11 am -1145, call to schedule). Anything you observe is through your own lens alone, and you may participate if you wish by asking questions during class. 


Because staff and teachers are actively instructing, these visits are not a time to individually process Applications- we  make a separate appointment for that purpose.  Please do understand that while we are committed to being helpful, transparent and forthcoming about all policies and program goals,  we cannot set up individual appointments for prospective students to cover planning and background data that is on our website.


If desired, some of our full day  classes and modules are open for paid Enrollment - $150/day. Beyond that, many benefit from the experience  within  our Student Intern Clinic to receive services that the students are trained to offer. One may do all of the above!




What does your school value above all else in training?  

Development as a genuine therapeutic presence, with practiced skills, progressive clinical training, and diversity in holistic approaches including integration of natural medicine applications for improved bodywork and natural medicine therapeutic outcomes.


Students are expected to read, study, and complete assignments throughout the program, and to engage in regular academic study habits, WHILE KEEPING A REGULAR AND CONSISTENT CLINIC SCHEDULE.

We want the Student  to develop confidence, skills, and versatility; we want consumers to understand and appreciate the absolute value of receiving quality health services - so we teach our students how to experience and convey that value.

To that end, special Field Work Journals are designed for practice work outside of class meetings, and a specific CLINIC PORTFOLIO, in two tiers, is designed. The second tier is designed for the intern to begin incorporating assessment methods and to work with clinic clients in a more advanced manner. That said, as you move through these programs you are a student, and not expected to perform advanced work. The entire program allows a pathway for optimal clinical practice of your progressively acquired skills. Supervised in-class practicum, and formal clinic round out the development of the therapist intern in a manner unknown elsewhere.

Why does this school cost less than others?

Since we do not process FAFSA and Pell, (federal govt. loan programs) we keep our tuition as affordable as possible. And you don’t have to deal with student loan payment worries. Frankly, other schools, which process those loans, immediately double or triple their tuition as a result, regardless of quality.  And candidly, some school tuition costs are  exploitive and reflect nothing of inherent value. 


Can I earn while I learn?  

There are no legal restrictions (due to the fact that they are exempt from the Massage Therapy Licensure Law)  for offering FOOT REFLEXOLOGY, ENERGY BALANCING, AND ASIAN BODYWORK, so after we teach those to our students, they can consider charging student rates, or rates they previously charged. That said, it is legally required to achieve a massage therapy license in order to practice “massage therapy”,  receive compensation for massage therapy, or work doing massage therapy.  Some of our students come to us already practicing the exempt healing arts mentioned above, and take the massage training for advanced professional training and certification.

Will all students end up working the same way?  
I hope not!  There is much variety in how a graduate may choose to work

In basic foundational training such as that of a basic massage therapy program, we endeavor to bring out the individual gifts and service orientations of each student.  To accomplish this, we design the curriculum to unfold in a structured manner, allowing (as one example)  for some creative work on the part of students to design and narrate sessions to present to the class.  Take massage therapy for example: A routine, cookie cutter massage will only get you so far in this progressive field.  And it can get you stuck.  Critical thinking and innovation, based on accomplishment of basic academic principles will get you much farther, and with a richer connection to the work. You will have a chance to develop in this way at our school.  And of course, we encourage CE and pursuance of other continuing education outside of our program.


Is this work based in science? 

Yes, it is based upon the natural SCIENCES, the laws of the natural world- physiology, thermodynamics, functioning of anatomy, biology, pathology,   and laws governing how our bodies interact with therapeutic interventions.  When you experience the various forms of work, you prove to yourself that there are measurable outcomes.


Is the MBLEX EXAM important? 

The MBLEX exam is a requirement for licensure.   We do not administer this exam. This exam is taken by the graduate when they complete our Program Requirements.  We do not arrange schedules or policies for the mblex exam.

This massage therapy exam has been adopted by most states and is a national exam.  (visit: We want you to be aware of it and begin to study for it from day one. It is impossible to predict the exact questions, which are taken from an algorithm.  It is up to each individual student to study for this exam, and while we provide supports and resources for this study, and cover basic material in class, it is up to you to develop study skills in the form of reading, drills, and repetition of concepts - just like any other profession would.


What is “ Clinic “?  

Clinic refers to a mandatory portion (80 hours) of the massage therapy program wherein student interns work on the general public under supervision. Students become interns after 20 hours of Pathology, half of their A & P, lecture/practice of palpation and basic strokes, a Clinic orientation, and  in-class clinic sessions with fellow student.

A recent update of the massage therapy rules in Michigan allow for 20 of these hours to occur in a vetted off premises business.  This , like other  governmental agency  "rules", may change in the future, as committee meetings in Lansing meet to discuss protocols. 

These hours ARE NOT listed in the posted schedule. They are determined per class, with interns entering their names into a clinic schedule book in order to receive bookings. A small % of clinic requirements are fulfilled at off premises events, where students will work with the public (staff of institutions, generally) doing a type of fully clothed session work. 


How important is attendance?

Students must fulfill all required hours and general program requirements by the laws of the State.

The types of absences that ARE  excused or accepted are:  sickness, and urgent  personal emergencies.

Those that are not excused absences, in accordance with Michigan Law,  are :  students who make  personal appointments , take other outside classes, and'/or   travel during the School Schedule.  Students who exceed the legal limit of absences (two per term ) may make up the time with clinic hours, or- if excessive, may not be able to complete the program at all.  Take care to avoid making dental, vet, hair, meetings, child care,  VACATION TRAVEL, FAMILY TRAVEL,  and other personal APPOINTMENTS  during class schedule.  Make these kinds of appointments outside of the school schedule. 

What about my vacations?  

See the absences policy above.   Take this program when you can plan your personal breaks around the program schedule. It is a one Year program encompassing summer. 

There is no provision to allow for individual students to miss class because they are on vacation. A " vacation" is an unexcused absence which may result in  dismissal or clinic hours to make up each hour missed.


A Leave of Absence - a FORMAL CONTRACT REQUIRING AN APPLICATION AND A FEE- can be up to 3 months long, extended by individual agreements, and must be based upon valid criteria. A Leave of Absence Contract protects the student investment for a period of time during the program year,in the event of illness or an otherwise personal inability to follow policies and attend according to schedule. 


What is the policy for inclement weather? 

One thing we all know:  we have inclement weather and challenges in Michigan winters.  But pretty much everyone is out there on the roads those days going to work- everywhere from offices to stores to coffee shops. Massage School and Naturopathy school would uphold the same standards. The K-12 School Districts cancel early because often, the busses need to leave very early, when salting has not helped roads. Yet on those same days colleges are open. We do not cancel just because the K-12 school districts do. The take away from this is two-fold - we don’t use weather as an excuse not to attend.  And I will not, the School will not, encourage or try to coerce anyone to travel against their own ability to be safe. You alone decide whether you are safe to travel. Plan ahead to leave early on challenging days, have snow tires, etc.  We have held class on winter days for 11 years and only cancelled 3 times in all that time. One such time was excusing a class 4 hours early so they could get home in advance of an actual storm, and one being due to a Power outage.  If School Admin does CANCEL, WE WILL RESCHEDULE. We may cancel for the following reasons:  power outages, road ice, and snow dumps beyond capacity of trucks to clear. We will text students for notification.

What jobs can I do after training: 

Consulting, group work, retreat planning, positions in integrative clinics, enterprises of your own, offering your services and skills. A job within another enterprise to accommodate your training. Grads can branch off or branch out and specialize in different natural medicine areas, as well as integrate within medical settings. The world is changing quickly, and there is potential in the corporate world in wellness departments, in social media work, and in sales of products and services. Whatever your previous training or job, you would be able to bring that experience into your future in a beneficial manner. Very few people will actually have the training that you do, yet the world in our country is changing daily more towards incorporating trained holistic guidance in family, personal, corporate, and institutional life- so you will stand out as a trained, professional resource in your community, able to offer your skills and wisdom in the market.


Know that the School has a potentially important role in making recommendations and referrals to any participating or graduating student which will affect their life ahead and beyond- ideally in the most positive manner!

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