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Fire Cider, Fire Honey & sickness

Many who read about the herbal medicine world, from a variety of perspectives, have heard by now about Fire Cider. It is actually a very old remedy that I originally heard about 26 years ago when studying basic classical Traditional Naturopathy, and as of late it has become popularized within herbal circles- with myriad versions.

The basic Fire Cider template is mixing good quality apple cider vinegar with chopped onion, garlic, possibly ginger, and something hot- a version of cayenne pepper. And let this sit and macerate for 4 or more weeks, then strain and use as a tonic. Thousands of people make their own variations, just like thousands make teas or kombucha.

It is touted as immune boosting, and we feel a well made fire cider is. But how does that play out? What is being affected on a physiological level, for so many of us to swear by Fire Cider as a helpful tonic for immune boosting and "cold and flu" preventative measure?

The hot and warming ingredients (cayenne, ginger, and in ours, home grown raw Horseradish root) in fire cider help the antibacterial, mucus thinning and antiviral agents (onion, garlic, horseradish) to reach deeper into the tissues. Our clients with problems of mucus accumulation in their throats and sinuses and lungs report that this greatly decreases with use. These accumulations in turn can harbor pathogens, so when we get rid of build up that potential disappears, as does the discomfort in general.

What does "mucus thinning" actually mean? Agents in the herbal world which do this, actually break down mucus, which in turn can be naturally eliminated as nature intended through our 4 main Eliminative Channels. Thick and even hardened accumulations of mucus can wreak havoc as blockages in sinuses, throat, lungs, and even digestive tract- not something we want! This imbalanced phemonena as described also contributes to difficult asthma symptoms and to recurrent infections. I use other herbs in different contexts for this purpose, but really like the fact that Fire Cider is so effective, and applicable to all ages.

And yes- children will take their fire cider dose! We know of some who ask for it every night ahd love it. Fiore Cider can be taken any time of day or night with or without food.

Apple Cider Vinegar brings out essential macro and micro mineral and vitamin nutrients in the plant material. This results in a nourishing tonic. And you don't have to be "sick" to benefit from Fire Cider. I recommend it as a truly beneficial staple in the food and plant medicine realm. Fire Cider also helps many balance out digestive flora .

Our product is further embellished by the addition of actual Apple Cider, and dried Michigan cherries to bring about a touch of sweet and some balancing flavor to the harshness that some fire cider recipes create.

Additional variations for color, beauty, and herbal therapeutics might include elderberry, hibiscus, thyme, rosemary, and so on. In acute stages a half ounce dose 4 -5 times a day is ideal, and as a preventative and general tonic, one ounce 5 times a week, although certainly there are individual variations which can be pursued.

We also make Fire Honey, primarily with our horseradish and habenero, in a mild oxymel (again, a bit of apple cider vinegar) base with a good organic raw honey- this is excellent to soothe throats and open respiratory airways as well as soothe coughs. Available bottled in our apothecary for purchase.

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