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Post co vid recovery- work in progress, Jan 7-18

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

First of all "covid", as we know it, has been an enormous mess of waffly narrative and information control for nearly two years now. I'm not going to start out enabling any other view, particularly with the massive effort to suppress credible opinions by thousands of other medical professionals and platforms with nothing to gain by telling the truth.

Most "cases" have been mild and recovery simple and fairly quick. And for decades a simple "flu" can and has turned into pneumonia and other complications.....a simple search will bring up that this is nothing new.

This all pre-ambled, here is a case history (ongoing) of someone, and surely there have been many - thousands- like this one- who were infected with the virus, had pre-existing co-morbitities, and things went south fast.

Sally (I will call them) got sick, got a test, tested positive in 09/2021. There was shortness of breath and was hospitalized. After nearly 6 weeks of hospitalization, with nothing really changing other than they kept her alive with O2, there were improvements and a discharge.

Now the holistic work could begin. It is unfortunate that it could not begin much earlier!

One of the big impediments to healing the lungs had been mucus deposits , particularly settling to the lower lobes. ONE castor oil pack on the lower lobes, (see our PDF on our list of health services on this site) , some Fire cider (see blog posts about this here) and a good massage- a HUGE (trigger warning gross..) ball of mucus was coughed up from the lungs. Coughing is natural, and meant to be productive, as the lungs are meant to be a pathway of elimination. So these processes HELPED that happen. Ridding this stagnation and congestion brings more nutritive blood and lymph to tissues that need it for healing. Without removing the congestion and blockages that cannot happen. Nothing in allopathic care addresses this in the least.

She reported feeling better, needing less O2 (from the tank the hospital sent her home with), more mobility.

Next- more massage, more castor oil packs. People can do castor oil packs AT HOME easily. Sally was using less O2, getting much less dependent on it, and reported just two weeks later she felt she only really needed it at night during sleep.

Bodywork: classic massage, reflexology - atention to the lung reflex points, adding a castor oil pack in the session, and light use of the tapotement stroke called "cupping" (not Asian cupping) on the posterior upper back.

Next- Lobelia extract opens the lung tissue passageways, and reduces any spasming that might interfere with deeper comfortable breathing. Immediately after taking a dropperful, Sally whipped out her oximeter and the readings climbed up. Sally, I will mention is medically trained, so using equipment to measure vital signs is a skill she possesses.

Easter Lily is a specific to soften and then bring up hardened mucus , particularly from the lower lobes of the lungs, where it may settle. She is taking Easter Lily extract once a day and we will check in soon on that influence.

Finally- the Wim Hof beginner breathing exercises link- for Sally to engage in to strengthen her lungs.

What will we check and look for now? 1) Increased positive readings from the Oximeter (a medical vital signs device that shows O2 levels) . 2) Has she tried and used the breathing exercises? 3) Increased well being and mobility 4) Any other productive coughing re3moving congestion . Stay tuned.

January 18 - some updates- Client has messaged us a couple times about how much better they feel, and how improved their O2 levels are. They attribute all of the above to that progress! This person is resuming normal life activities and more important wit

improved vital signs allowing for organ and gland function and healing.

Apparently their "doctors" have not even been in touch for any reason- quite neglectful and uncaring .

In reality, our healing arises out of much self care, time, patience, and attention, including for time periods well after the main threat. This client IS experincing Post Traumatic Stress- not a "disorder":, but certainly some after effects. One is temporary hair loss, which is abating. to address this, nervous system herbs and more rest is required, but also re-examining life choice that were in effect before getting sick- I believe this client needs to examine whether there are too many "balls in the air" and should some activities be deleted from life! They are aware of this and looking at it carefully.

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