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Foot Care that Actually Works

We know, through experience and PRACTICE BASED EVIDENCE, that the feet are very responsive to structural balancing through fairly simple, but consistently applied, means.

"Practice based evidence" means that when we apply our practices, we see the evidence of success and results, and therefore confidently use methods that work, again and with others. Since we are not giving drugs or cutting away bone, tendon, and muscle with surgery, there is no "oops" factor, no pain, no hefty expense, recovery time.

Orthodics are often unnecessary, and have prolonged structural imbalances such as bunions, plantar fascitis, Mortons Neuroma, calluses, hammertoes, and more.

For myself, and for others, I have used specific devices for years which are easily obtainable, affordable, easy to put into use, usable by other family members, and bring about structural results. It is, after all, changes in our complex and delicate foot structure which end up resulting in the most common maladies, they do not spring from the forehead of Zeus. Footwear type, posture, general tone and fitness of the foot itself all contribute , to people of all ages, to the common maladies listed above.

The devices are used short term, they are not affixed like some of the odd orthodics one sees. One can use them 5 minb a day, or 5-10 minutes twice a day, as the day allows. They help bring about space between metatarsals, encourage realignment, loosen fascia, facilitate movement, and tone foot structure as well as encourage balance and a renewed manner of bring grounded.

Foot massage and reflexology sessions can also help many, to add to the above mix. A trained bodyworker can facilitate a neuromuscular pattern change which helps the feet release a damaging pattern (such as hammertoes). Very simple short term foot soaks can also help, and may be done simply, in a basin. An elaborate device is completely unnecessary for foot soaking- we can leave that to the Pedicure thrones.

I personally have probably saved thousands of dollars, in what would have been painful, expensive and unnecessary surgery for a condition presenting exactly as the one allopaths call Mortons Neuroma, and for a misalignment tending toward "bunion". Don't let the technical names fool into thinking these conditons are encased in concrete- the foot will respond nicely , and quickly, to natural care. And one of the best parts is most of this is your own Self -Care, once shown or consulted how to use or apply. We should never accept that surgery is the only option for a wide variety of maladies. Sometimes it night be necessary, but for feet, and many other conditions, it really is not.

Do feel free to contact me with questions ( about your soon to be Happy Feet! Signing off with a photo of some nicely aligned feet- space between the metatarsals, and phalages, and no evidence of nerve impingement or other misalignments.

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