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First, let me lay it out for you. Usually I am conventional and start at the beginning, but this time I want your attention as to some very basic science. All botanical healing is based upon the natural sciences, and is practice based as to evidence.

LOBELIA- specifically Lobelia inflata, which is the international botanical name of the plant- contains a constituent called "lobeline" . which can and does attach to cell receptors INSTEAD OF NICOTINE. In short what this means is that the cell receptors are "satisfied" and no longer crying for nicotine- this is huge. And there is no danger of getting addicted to lobelia. This is not like the nefarious solution to heroin addiction which substitutes one dependency for another (methadone, with it's own huge drawbacks and quality of life destroyers). All that is left is the physical act of smoking and the possible social , psychological desire to having something in your hand and smoke it. (which you of course, have, and can attend to with the herbal cigarette) And frankly that eventually dwindles as well, going by the wayside.

Without being able to offer an herbal medicine lesson hours long, (You can join us for training at, and learn enough to set you up for life ! ), Lobelia also is calming, antispasmodic, and can and does open up breathing passagways. The last thing to remember is that it is NOT ADDICTIVE, and if anything I as a clinical herbalist with more than 25 years of solid experience would use lobelia, in various prepared forms, to help others release addictions. I also use and value lobelia for asthma, colds, bronchitis, body tensions- it can be utilized by the body in infusion, tincture, raw herb, & compress form, in addition to smoking it. Lobelia must be used with guidance- it can also function as an emetic. That said, I had never exerienced the "pull" to "smoke more" , as one does with cigarettes. In fact, a few puffs did the trick, and if I had a rolled cigarette, I would put it out and save it.

SO - we use some lobelia- and certainly not "all" lobelia in this mix - along with other traditional herbs such as mullein, yerba santa, a little wild spearmint, (there are actually various others) dried crumbled herbs to make up a smoking mix as you see in the bags in the photo below. What you see as rolled cigarettes are the mixture fashioned into empty cigarette sleeves which provide the client with an easy to use, and familiar form to smoke- complete with a filter.

I never used to particularly smoke heavily , and was not "addicted" for some reason, like the people who get up in the morning and light a cigarette. For me it was a youthful indiscretion and became a social habit when young. Fast forward to accepting that smoking cigarettes is HORRIBLE FOR YOU, and KILL PEOPLE , I learned about the centuries- long historical use of native botanicals through my formal and informal Herbal Medicine Studies. Numerous types of the herbs used had a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. (Marlboros were not in those peace pipes)

I probably only needed to have a few of these herbal cigarettes before I realized they were a bridge to quitting the PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL habit of smoking, which the tobacco industry - who are very dishonest and immoral - tells consumers is harmless when in reality commercial cigarettes are full of toxins and very addictive substances, which lead consumers to smoke one after another.

So, HERBAL CIGARETTES as we formulate them are a BRIDGE to quitting for good. You are not hooked on them and you stop needing or wanting to smoke at all. The "bridge" concept is invaluable. Clients may be further supported with herbal extracts such as St. John's Wort , which address moods, and with Adaptogen mixtures, which are invaluable for supporting our ability to deal with stress. The trained clinical herbalist, such as myself, can provide guidance in these matters.

I believe this can be a bridge to quitting the harmful practice of vaping, as well. The whole idea is you are going towards not smoking at all - you are not substituting one for the other. I quit very quickly with this process and never went back, and also have no interest in smoking anything. So for what it is worth- your health, your quality of life, the fact that you can take a nice vacation to Tahiti with the money you save- we provide these through our Apothecary and will be available during our Eco Pop Up events Jan 12, Feb 9 and March 9, or any time by appointment- to discuss and consult with anyone. And you can always buy one and try it!

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