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MariEl Energy Work for clearing trauma, creating Peace of Mind

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Here are a number of reasons or conditions to seek out MariEl:

Anxiety, Depression, lethargy, lack of focus; patterns you seem to keep repeating and cannot shake or resolve; uncomfortable triggers with persons, places or things. As an alternative, or adjunct, to counseling or psychotherapy . Post Traumatic Stress. Problems with Attention. Difficulties juggling life stresses. To improve sleep quality. As an assist to spiritual development.

What is MariEl?

The creator, Ethel Lombardi, lived in Maryland and eastern seaboard area, , long before I did, and also during the time I did (which were mid 90's) . Ethel trained directly under Hawayo Takata. She died in 2009 at age 86. Her teachings and her created body of work - MariEl - were dispersed at a time when virtually nobody had internet; the world was different than it was today. A number of people in that region studied with Ethel. This work was virtually unknown any further west.

I trained under her direct apprentice, Christine, in and around 1996, and also spent 8 or 9 months on the receiving end of MariEl, facilitated by Christine,

to first hand experience what it really is, how it works, what to expect, and what the benefits are.


As one who has studied, received, taught, and practiced MariEl and other forms of energy balancing, for 20+ years, I start from, and ask clients to start from- some basic understandings.

1) We are an energy body. Our experiences in life- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual- have been downloaded and stored somewhere in or body tissues and energy centers. This principle is accepted by numerous well known energy medicine practitioners, including Caroline Myss, the late Delores Krieger, Donna Eden, and others.

2) We may have "processed" some of these experiences, but not released the energy. MariEl is not a psychotherapy or analytical session. The client's body will release what is appropriate at the time and integrate it over the days ahead.

Additionally, although clients may wish to share, there is no need to step out of your privacy zone , to disclose private things, or give a history. Anything that occurs within our therapeutic sessions is confidential.

3) The client generally feels lighter after a session. In the days ahead there is a period of integration which may bring up some emotions or even physical sensations, briefly and with no lasting drama, as our Being fully releaases and Integrates.

4) What is released is GONE FOR GOOD. This may feel to us as if buttons that were there to be "pushed" - are now, " uninstalled". As if triggers for persons, place or things are no longer there. This is a sense of freedom. It is a new way forward of being in our life and in our world and in relation to others.

5) I personally received 12 Mari El Sessions over 8 months, going through layers of release, spaced apart over that time frame. Each individual chooses their journey through MariEl.

6) MariEl is an energy healing process your being brings you to.


The sessions begin with some basic energy balancing. They last within an hour time frame.

Currently the first Session is $105.00. subsequent sessions are 75$. Cash or check, no tips.

What is trauma? It could be anything from "not feeling quite right", to PTSD, and that in between. One could feel as though their past and present need to be balanced, clarified, and cleared. This happens during the integration period in between sessions; the session itself is a catalyst for change.

What do people say? They report clearing unexpected issues, patterns, beliefs, negativity, memories, and pain. They report making progress well beyond any talk therapy, saving years.

As the practitioner, I am glad to answer questions. Mary Light, 734-769-7794

My private practice hours for MariEl and other Energy Balancing Sessions are Monday from 330 pm on, no later than 630 . I will on occasion schedule one Tuesday appointment at 1130 am.

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