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Pain & natural methods

We wrote in an earlier blog about the 8 pillars of naturopathy, and how they interweave to help traditional naturopaths select from them to create plans and protocols to resolve health problems.

What we rely on the most to relieve and resolve pain and pain patterns are movement, bodywork therapies, hydrotherapy and herbs. Diet can play a huge part in perpetuating pain because dietary factors and certain foods can contribute greatly to inflammation, and when gone, so is the pain. One might ask (as we sometimes are) - hey , if that works so well, why aren't the doctors (which many people still think are king of the hill, but their record does not support this thought) offering it? Follow the money. Medical doctors do not work holistically, they do not have a holistic curriculum for education, they do not work in holistically designed clinics or hospitals.....drugs and surgery make them money , suppress pain, but do not get to the root. That said, there are certainly times when I and others personally want or need a drug short term - even Advil, which is a drug. What we are addressing here are natural, healthy ways to resolve pain and have a gateway to leaving a sick, opioid laced world.

There are at least 15-20 nervine type herbs with different actions and outcomes in relation to pain. A trained clinical herbalist, such as we have on our premises, can best guide to their use. In addition to being "analgesic" (pain relieving), some can be sedative, some antispasmodic, and some contribute to deeper sleep which, in of itself, is an important factor contributing to pain relief. Some nervine herbs can work pharmacologically (again, without being "drugs"), however their true influence is in balance of body structures and systems so that the congestion, stagnation, and restriction which causes pain to begin with can abate. Adaptogen herbs are key in providing actions and nutrients to body systems, including the endocrine system, helping a person better deal with life stresses, so that a calm inner and outer functioning contributes to reduced pain. There is more clarity in feeling this process directly in your body than in any simple way I can put it into writing. Adaptogens ar amazing strengtheners and balancers.

Emotional issues, structural body patterns, (the plantar fascia of the foot comes to mind as a simple example of a structural body pattern), inflammation, and neglect are all issues we look at when helping someone resolve pain. And we don't just "look at " this, we can apply solid and effective natural therapeutics to bring about transformation and change and thus comfort. Often part of what we are doing is teaching our clients what they can do at home. Our staff helps people with these issues on a daily basis. Allopathy (conventional medical treatment) often neglects to give, guide, and contribute to actual "care" in it's rush to drug people with strong substances that suppress pain. Care, here, means doing small things daily, with due diligence, which support the healing process. And most all of us can participate in this and apply these small therapeutics ourselves. If you are continually taking a pill, getting an "adjustment", or have agreed to dubious surgeries, someone is not working in a way to get to the root.

Here are just a few examples of Pain Resolution without drugs or surgery- and all of them were not only lasting in their results, they were easy on the budget. Many require and allow the client to apply simple kinds of applications at home to resolve issues.

1) Plantar Fascitis , and also Morton Neuroma- I put these two together because as WE SEE IT, these are structural issues, rather than walled off separate issues. Both cause pain. Even just as important- both can lead to even worse postural and overall structural problems, including in one's back and hips, due to compensation. Neither have ever been successfuly resolved with drugs, surgery, or orthodics, which are merely crutches and not structural solutions. Both require some simple soaking of the feet at home in a basin of warm water, and then onto some inexpensive devices I show how to use daily (available on amazon and other outlets) to realign the structure of the feet. There are a couple easy stretches I add to resolve plantar fascitis. Both can be resolved within a few weeks. Both can be prevented by referring back to these means

if they return, and they usually only return due to wrong foot wear. Both have been thoroughly documented by us as to results. So this is a STRUCTURAL solution to pain, one which requires our special insight and bodywork. Both can be done by the client at home after being shown once by a bodyworker/naturopath as to procedure.

2) Migraines - Specific fascial and muscular massage therapy (not "fluff and buff"), particulary around the muscles of the upper back and into the occiput; possibly the jaw area - combined with some essential oil techniques, a few botanical extracts which reduce muscle tension but are not "drugs or muscle relaxers", and in some cases some external applied poultices- have reduced migraine frequency drastically. A particular client had them about 4 times a week, and with treatment this frequency went to once every 3 months. While we realize everyone is different, we also are trained to look at environmental factors, work conditions, and other factors that may influence pain patterns, and work backwards, so to speak, to undo them. A drug is not going to do this.

3) The pain of injury- given that injuries differ, I can say that applied botanical poultices, bodywork in relevant non acute areas, and certain hydrotherapy/thermotherapy treatments, combined with Body-tissue regenerative infusions (these are like teas that you make at home), have accelerated healing and function while reducing pain.

4) General Pain- A variety of extracts from medicinal plants are analgesic and antispasmodic, and have been ordered from far and wide over the years as clients feel they help with various types of pain- arthritic, muscular, headache, menstrual cramps, and more. We actually have a Period Pain formula which yeilds excellent feedback. Our St. Johns Wort infused oil has been the only thing that has helped women with painful vaginal dystonia. Our Calendula Cream has been the only thing that has helped some women with painful breasts around lactation time. Some infusions can be so soothing to the throat, esophagus, and lungs, that they are also regenerative to those tissues.

Pain is a signal for us to listen to what needs attention and care. Pain can guide us to giving that attention and care. Pain medications, even "over the counter" remedies, can be fraught with undesirable and harmful side effects, which you can look up yourself, including but not limited to weakening the heart and adversely affecting the digestive tract. Attention , support and care are the underlying principles that we use in our center when helping people resolve pain issues of body, mind and spirit. A drugged and constantly anesthetized society cannot grow, create, or mature, let along function well and create better futures.

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