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When I got co to cope naturally and without fear

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

For those seeking supportive information, here are some effective suggestions, and these are meant to be synergistic and done in tandem, not just one method.

For Breathing issues- For any kind, regardless of the "diagnoses", here are some measures which thin mucus, strengthen lungs, and bring comfort:

~ Hot water bottle on pectoral area. Leave it there for an hour. Do twice a day. May combine with castor oil pack which we blog about here on this site.

~ Up the ante by adding a damp cloth with a few drops of Olbas Oil, or tiger balm, or eucalyptus. I have done all 3!

~ A respiratory Ease herbal blend, such as Grindelia . There are commercial blends including the brand, Traditional Medicinals, widely available. Hot teas and broths in abundance thin mucus, ease lungs, and promote digestive health during these times. It is not hard to do and is effective.

~ FIRE CIDER - super important for those struggling with breath. Or with asthma history. I personally never experienced that, but STILL use a glug of fire cider for a few days to increase cerebral (head, sinus, brain) and pectoral circulation ,and support the immune system.

GENERAL- but very important. REST AND MORE SLEEP. Do it. Stop being a busybody. Take a sleep aid if you need to or an herbal blend for sleep. I use:

~ Double Mag Magnesium topical Cream (which I make but it widely available)

~ A Nerve Rejuvenator formula, capsulated or not, does not interfere with meds, containing kava kava and valerian and milky oats . A qualified clinical herbalist may recommend among a larger variety of other nervines. The nervous system is extremely important to support during any illness.

~ Once in a while, I employ Excedrin Pm or Aleve Pm during these RARE sickness periods of time- for perhaps a night. These products are clearly an over the counter drug , which I might use judiciously and rarely , but if the shoe fits...

SUPPLEMENTS - Zinc. One tablet a day is sufficient. I recommend "Emergen C" as an easy drinkable vitamin C , and do not overdo. I take Thorne brand vitamin D , hnere is a link Thorne Research - VitaminD/K2 Liquid (Metered Dispenser) - Dietary Supplement with Vitamins D3 and K2 to Support Healthy Bones and Muscles - 1 fluid

FOOD MEDICINE- Broths, light soups. Raw apple is wonderful as a digestive CLEANSER ,and restorative food. Chew well. This is not a time for big meals or heavy carbs - although light carbs, and a bit of toast or rice can be easy to digest comfort foods. For those who eat eggs, they are a restorative food, as are almond and cashew butters. I personally love soups such as chicken noodle, tomato bisque, butternut squash bisque for their easy to digest and warming qualities.

HYDROTHERAPY- This is a science and healing art too complex to go into here, however hydrotherapeutic treatments have stood the test of eons. Easily recognized treatments are sauna, cold compress on head, alternate hot and cold showers, cold rinse of head to improve circulation, foot baths and use of hot water bottle . Just one alternate hot and cold shower can help one turn a corner! to comfort level of course, while maintaining temperature differences. Finish with cold- you know you have a nice bath towel there waiting!

Remember, you might not be exposed to this FACT if all you do is get news through certain mainstream media sources, but cv has been 99% survivable and mostly mild, and the death count has been wildly exaggerated (shall we say , lies?).

If you want to look over documents, research, testimonies, (this is really time consuming but the material is there!) , "" is a good source to help all of us polish up our thinking caps.

Now I have the gift of natural immunity. And the even greater gift of personal empowerment, self observation, and use of critical thinking.

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