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SIBO- Healing A Digestive Disorder

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Many people do not know what SIBO is- neither did I a few years back when, after arriving back from a trip overseas, I began to have digestive problems that would likely be diagnosed as IBS, or colitis, or whatever. Currently, there is more information (although not more or better insight into treatment) about SIBO, and I suspect the reason why is that more people are having digestive problems in general these days. Back then, again just a few years ago- all US medical listings referred to SIBO as having "no cure". Whatever digestive problems are eventually "called", the holistic Inner Ecology strategy is to balance out the microbes and to heal the actual tissues on a cellular level. Let me make it clear I would never use antibiotics for this- there are better ways which take into consideration aftercare, balancing, and tissue healing. SIBO healing is a layered strategy best done under guidance- it is natural science, but it is not rocket science. People can learn to adopt this protocol and adjust it for their needs.

Simplifying: for me, this manifested such that the digestive process was impaired, leading to lack of nutrient absorption and fatigue. Lots of frequent loose stools with SIBO, which is never a sign of health, should it go on for more than a few days. I had to do my own research. I do that anyway. The most helpful links at the time were through research out of Australia. So- SMALL INTESTINE BACTERIAL OVERGROWTH = "SIBO".

I had already developed a gluten sensitivity - or is it a sensitivity to the chemicals the US glops on it's grain crops? Having no real sensitivities to moderate gluten intake in Italy, I suspect our crass and damaged agricultural system.

I developed a protocol- I theorized that the bacteria was putting up a barrier to herbal antibacterial action, given that Oregon Grape root and goldenseal had only about a 60% influence . BIOFILMS are such barriers. A bactera can form a protective shield around it which will withstand any herbal or pharmaceutical antibiotic action - this is a biofilm. To repeat- this can occur even with pharmaceutical antibiotic use. Thus my search for something to dissolve or inactivate biofilms.

This was the product I found, bought and used, and to this day I keep a couple bottles in reserve, for my own clients, and also since it does not require a full bottle to get well and bring it to balance, so it becomes my inventory. When I am working with a client I will measure out the dosages of all items of this protocol, with directions. Often 6 capsules of Interfase are sufficient, although, since SIBO can be recurring if one is not careful, not a bad idea to have a bottle of it. : Klaire Labs Interfase Plus - Multi-Enzyme Blend, Hypoallergenic & Dairy-Free (120 Capsules)

MY own CULPRIT - Sausage. I was in Tuscany, and the regional , artisanal sausage was made with different bacterial cultures which were used in regional production of sausage , often from the wild boars roaming about, and different than I was used to. Not that I ate a lot, but I ate some. Keep sugars very moderate to low as well. Sausages, in their making, are often cultured products, reflecting local bacterial mixes. I defintely had an antipasto plate or two while there. LET ME MAKE THIS ABUNDANTLY CLEAR- others may develop SIBO in relation to various foods and dietary habits. Even upon returning to the States, I needed to be careful of sausage and other foods. I am not saying that for any given reader, "sausage" would "cause" SIBO. SIBO is a bit of a domino effect. This article is about what relieves it, although it does help considerably to identify foods to avoid. Excess sugars should be on everyone's list to avoid. And if you have any food sensitivities, such as for gluten or grains, a "sibo- like" collection of symptoms can quickly develop.

I needed to do my protocol several times over a few years. The bacteria type or group, that overgrows with SIBO DOESN'T LEAVE YOU BODY, but it does go down to balanced ecological amounts. I have been free of it for about 18 months and if symptoms even APPROACH what I am familiar with , I do a few days of the protocol. Thus I would travel with a packet of it at the ready.

Protocol that works for me: 1 capsule Interfase Plus, 1 capsule ( double 0) goldenseal, one capsule oregon grape root- this dose 2X a day- morning and evening for 3 days. Some may need a few more days of this. I keep my own apothecary so I know the quality of all of this and would never consider buying herbs from a commercial store for these purposes. If I am working with a client I may adjust these quantities as to individual needs, and NO- I do not worry about "drying anyone out" - that is not going to happen. It's a short term protocol for a very regional level of energetics, and it works under supervision.

I also would take for 3 days a formula I make called Intestinal Soother, which is a foundation of activated charcoal powder, bentonite clay, apple pectin, and calamus- I mix this with water and knock it back. I also use this formula very effectively for food poisoning. Which is what SIBO really is, only it is a chronic longer term type. Dr. Richard Schultze, the naturopath and herbalist, created a similar formula from his own mentor, Drl Christopher- he sells it as " Intestinal Formula #2". I prefer it uncapsulated.

I would also take 2 colon probiotic; morning and evening. Brands vary so one either does one's own research or if under my care I would recommend. Anyone with these digestive histories should really take a probiotic regularly, perhaps 15-20 days out of a month for systemic continuity. Eat whole foods, get cooked and raw greens into the diet, and stay away from junk food. I recommend quality cultured foods , just a little a day, such as sauerkraut, veggie kraut, kimchi. I personally do not recommend kombucha because there are so many commercial brands with too much sugar. Taking an herbal protocol is no excuse to eat badly- the synergy of a nutritious whole foods diet PLUS the short term protocol works together to heal your system so that you can carry on.

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