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Herbal, Natural Medicine, Massage Study

I was always impressed with the intention, commitment, and professional development I witnessed and experienced in most all of the training and schools and school segments I have attended and completed since 1992.

That is a good chunk of years, and in that time many sophisticated and very effective forms of bodywork have evolved, as have numerous teachers grown with wisdom and experience over the years. This is a huge gift to tap into if you are considering this field of practice and study.

As evidenced by a recent assignment our students completed, wherein they researched 8-9 different professional associations, ranging from midwifery to massage to naturopathy and more, standards of education and practice have also developed and evolved. We, too, are doing our due diligence to present curriculum and program completion standards based on an experienced overview of what it really takes to help clients professionally in natural medicine and with clinical herbalism. The massage therapy standards are already settled.

We offer 2 solid Diploma Programs and I offer one series plus a selection of shorter classes. Traditional Naturopathy Diploma is integrated with an advanced Clinical Herbalist Training. Massage Therapy Diploma follows state and National licensure and certification guidelines, and to my mind, gives an amazing gateway and dimension of connection and skill to any graduate, including those who will combine it with Traditional Naturopathy and herbal practice.

While there is much online, we feel that a hands-on experiential learning environment is the richest, offering the depth of multidimensional and multisensory learning and understanding of many key concepts. Online supplementary sources such as youtube, and some various other websites, can offer very good support and insight during study and completion of assignments, but nothing beats good classroom learning with kindred spirits and wise facilitators in a setting offering equipment and supplies for activities. We strongly feel we learn from one another, from each contributed experience, from the sharing, and from the different ages and generations present in our classrooms. This also makes learning much more fun- we are always hearing from our students how time flies in class. It is a good balance between academic rigor and following your passion in a supported manner. We invite you to join us any time for class visits and the classes that are open to all.

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