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Making healing salves and ointments.

We have had so much clinical experience with these infused oils which turn into ointments and salves.

What does "clinical " mean in this regard? It means we have clients with ailments who give us feedback over 20 years time. This can include animal clients!

Today our formulation is heavily Calendula based. Calendula is a healng flower , providing a resin that regenerates tissue among other actions.

Other oils, such as the herpes healing Lemon Balm and the tissue cell regeneration Comfrey, are added to create a compound formulation, with light clove for antimicrobial action. The clove will not be detected, but it will be there protecting the mixture.

These will be cooling off in jars an hour from this post! And for salve for topical healing, also for facial skin care. I have never used a commercial skin care cream in 30+ years- the calendula cream shines. More applications: for chafing problems, baby bottoms, scrapes, wounds, even oddments such as a spot on the skin or a mole type growth, which I believe could be viral colonies. Calendula is antiviral, as is lemon balm. So we welcome your questions and visits. 734-769-7794. Prices from 12$-25$

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