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Massage Therapy Diploma Program

(717  class hrs inclusive of  80 clinical hrs/1 yr)

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Massage Therapy Resources
 Application for Admittance   

Note: The school reserves the right to change “order, topics and teachers “ that may be listed in any schedule, at any time according to needs and availability within the school structure, as well as add or subtract required books with courteous and relevant notification. This information is an outline of the program focus, topic descriptions, and program benefits to students and staff.

This requires completion and submitting an Application For Admittance, with the Application Fee, and a School Visit arranged by appointment.  We welcome your call - 734-769-7794 -  to begin this process, answer your questions, and set up an appointment .  Important Notice-  The time frame for class hours each class day is 830-a.m. to 330 p.m. 
JANUARY  2024  Program tuition rate:  
 Tuition rate:  $7,700 .00   Plus 800$ lab fees
Pay up front -  or a  Payment Plan is possible.  See "Program Dates" menu for schedule. Visit us on Instagram!   Please read the FAQ on this site under " More" 


Length of Sessions:  Hour, or 90 min appointments. 

Arrival-  Please do arrive ten minutes prior to your given appointment time in order to receive full time during your massage table session. 


Student Intern scheduling-Our interns commute specifically for these appointments; they are not just waiting on the premises.  They are given their schedule a day in advance. 

General Scheduling  -   ALL scheduling done through 734-769-7794.  There is no guarantee to provide a specific therapist/intern, we will make efforts to accommodate , however this is a School and we schedule with the interns who are on the schedule.

PAYMENT - We take CASH OR CHECK ONLY.  We take payment prior to beginning the session.

Cancellation- "No Show "  we require full payment of the  fee.  Call or text the school with any schedule changes a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

If the School needs to cancel due to any type of  emergency we will give patrons

a free session, and contact them asap by text and phone. 



Please note that while we do offer a Payment Plan option- this requires a cash deposit, and in some cases, a co-signer as it is a legal contractual agreement. There is an $800.00 administrative fee for all payment plan contracts.  The current deposit is $2,500.00.  The balance is paid over an 8 month period of time. Prospective and admitted students who will be exploring this option are encouraged to start their registration process early, as Admission is not confirmed until deposits are in and contracts are fully signed. All balances must be paid regardless of withdrawal from the program.

Books, Equipment & Supplies

Students purchase their own books, equipment and supplies . These items must be obtained  prior to the start date of the program and will become part of your own professional collection to perform field work and clinic.   Students may acquire the books, supplies and equipment wherever they wish.   Any provided shopping links are for your convenience only.

Course Outline & Topic Focus
          Please do note that a myriad of rich insight,  interactive discussion, and work with other relevant and emerging topics does occur during the program duration within the class meetings, and these important integrative nuances  enrich the program considerably, and are impossible to convey in this forthcoming list of basic topics of focus for this training. 
  • Anatomy & Physiology - (125 hours minimum) composed of lecture, demonstration, and practicum, for basic and holistic Anatomy and Physiology Studies. REQUIRED BOOK FOR ANATOMY  :  APPLIED ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY FOR MANUAL THERAPISTS.

  • Marketing and Business - Guidance, Exercises and Assignments in simple business structures and marketing approaches.

  • Ethics and Communications - Several texts, discussions, and lecture are employed to focus on the ethics, boundaries, and professional comportment of the healing arts professions we train for. A minimum of ten clock hours, and more with integrative discussion, is are devoted to Ethics. 

  • Clinical Orientation, Protocols, and Required Intern Clinical Experience 

  • Pathology

  • Classical Swedish Massage   The School keeps Tappan on hand for reference.

  • Foot Reflexology  Kunz book, recommended not required.

  • Cranial /Osteopathic Balancing Method: a basic  " Practical Sequence"

  • Myofascial Release Methods

  • Hydro/Thermotherapy Philosophy/ Hands on Treatments for Muscles and Joints

  • Naturopathic Hydrotherapy book recommended not required.

  • Prenatal Massage Basics and Physiology

  • Nervous system  Balancing and Polarity

  • Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point work

  • Manifesting Your Terms of Employment

  • Bringing Practice Intentions into Focus

  • Integrating Essential Oils for Therapeutic Outcomes

  • Direct Clinic Training- A requirement of 80 documented in- House Sessions

  • MBLEX EXAM coverage   Students may choose their own study materials

  • Massage for Special Populations: Childbearing Year, Rehab, Elder massage

The MASSAGE THERAPY training is a one year program that fulfills 717 hour State Licensed professional training along  with the required 80 hours of clinical internship. Our classes meet every Thursday of the month, and Two Fridays of Each Month.
NOTE: The required clinic segment schedule  of the program  is not on the class schedule. Students will be assigned to a clinic schedule that works for them. . There are 60 weekly appointments available! Scheduled Wednesday through Saturday.

Our Program conveys a free Student Membership to the professional organization AMERICAN MASSAGE THERAPY ASSOCiATION (AMTA) which comes with numerous study- aid benefits, as well as exam study assistance. All successful graduates are then  eligible to continue to pursue, on their own,  licensure/MBLEX exam completion.


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