TESTIMONIALS from our Intern Clinic, from their actual clinic books- come see us!   These posts are for 3 out of our ten therapists.

Make an appointment, 734-769-7794, 30$ /one hour session, no tips.

FOR KATHY:  "COMFORTABLE!  Kathy made me feel very comfortable; she is calm and amazingly good."

FOR  COURTNEY:  "I like that she is able to explore techniques and try different methods.  She is very present."

FOR  CHRISTY:  "You went to all the right areas that needed work- so wonderful.  Everything was amazing."

Herbal Medicine Students rewarded with an amazing Gravel Root for their hard work as harvesters!



I don’t usually write reviews but I myself feel a responsibility to ENCOURAGE people to use this School. I have learned more from Mary Light and her teachers in 10 MONTHS than I learned in over 20 YEARS of both self and school study of natural medicine and holistic care. Her non-linear and hands-on way of teaching taught me to TEACH MYSELF and to develop the critical thinking skills that are necessary and so important in the world of natural healing. Anything can be memorized and put down on paper like most schools, but it’s useless if we don’t understand the basics, the root of natural medicine and how to THINK. This is what Mary does. Not only that but she personally and intimately understands and works with each student. She cares what they get out their education beyond the certificate and is never too busy to give of herself and share her knowledge and great love of natural healing at any time - in or out of the classroom. I first completed a 3 month course in Herbal Medicine in the Spring. Then I was allowed to start a very enjoyable apprenticeship at the school and later that Fall started the 2 year Naturopathic program. Mary personally worked with me to make this possible through any challenges I had. I learned how to support the health of a handicapped toddler with significant health issues at a time when doctors and specialists had nothing to offer. I would recommend this School a hundred times over to anyone who really wants to learn TRUE natural medicine in the real world. 

Lisa Bozeman