Massage Therapy Diploma Program

(717  class hrs + 80 clinical hrs/1 yr)

Note: The school reserves the right to change “order, topics and teachers “ that may be listed in any schedule, at any time according to needs and availability within the school structure, as well as add or subtract required books with courteous and relevant notification. This information is an outline of the program focus, topic descriptions, and program benefits to students and staff.

Tuition $5,700 plus $800 lab fees 

Pay in full or pay a $1,500 deposit with remainder in a Payment Plan (with full balances due in 12 months) An additional administrative fee is charged to set up a payment plan.

The Massage Therapy program starts in September
Note that due to any timeline changes in relation to covid19, dates may change.

Deadline for enrollment is July 1st

$400 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - when enrolled by June 15
“enrolled” means having submitted an Application for Admittance, had it approved, and then signed an Enrollment Contract along with any initial payment of tuition. 

This program has an enrollment limit of 20 students. 


The school does not process FAFSA (federal) loans or Pell grants. However you may qualify for a tuition grant through "MICHIGAN WORKS". This agency may completely pay for your massage therapy training - if you are considering this, start early, the process takes time.

Books, Equipment & Supplies

Students purchase their own books, equipment and supplies . These items must be obtained and on-hand prior to the start date of the program and will become part of your own professional collection to perform field work and clinic.   


Students may acquire the books, supplies and equipment wherever they wish. Provided shopping links are for your convenience only.

Course Outline
  • Anatomy & Physiology - (125 hours minimum) composed of lecture, demonstration, and practicum, for basic and holistic Anatomy and Physiology Studies.

  • Marketing and Business - Guidance, Exercises and Assignments in simple business structures and marketing approaches.

  • Ethics and Communications - Several texts, discussions, and lecture are employed to focus on the ethics, boundaries, and professional comportment of the healing arts professions we train for. A minimum of ten clock hours, and more with integrative discussion, is are devoted to Ethics. 

  • Clinical Skills

  • Pathology

  • Classical Swedish Massage

  • Foot & Hand Reflexology

  • Myofascial Release Methods

  • Hydro/Thermotherapy for Muscles and Joints

  • Prenatal Massage

  • Energy Balancing and Polarity

  • Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point work

  • Manifesting Your Terms of Employment

  • Event Massage

  • Integrating Essential Oils for Therapeutic Outcomes

  • Direct Clinic Training

  • MBLEX EXAM coverage

  • Massage for Special Populations

  • Approaches for Rehabilitation

The MASSAGE THERAPY (also referred to as NATUROPATHIC PHYSICAL MEDICINE or NPM) training is a one year program that fulfills 717 hour State Licensed professional training with the required 80 hours of clinical internship. Our classes do not meet every week. They typically meet in scheduled 3 day modules (Th/F/Sat from 10 am - 4:30 pm) approximately every other week, with a holiday and a short summer break scheduled.  NOTE: The clinic sessions are not on the class schedule. You will need to plan for these additional hours to complete the program. Student Clinics are scheduled per class group as to available supervision on Tuesday and Wednesday, between 10:30 am - 6:30 pm, and after our Thursday and Friday classes at 4:30 and 5:45 pm.

Our Program conveys a Student Membership to the professional organization AMERICAN MASSAGE THERAPY ASSOCiATION (AMTA) which comes with numerous study- aid benefits, as well as exam study assistance. All successful grads eligible for licensure/MBLEX

Note:  All of our grads pass the MBLEX and quickly obtain high quality jobs.