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Fibroids, Endometriosis

Over the years I have had requests for consultations to resolve both of the above named health conditions. Those who called me had had a medical diagnoses, which is not my purview. Surgery is one medical recommendation- of either the entire uterus, or or the growths themselves. Other medical recommendations include drugs that are steriodal in nature or drugs which manipulate hormones. Along with the stress and trauma and expense of both options, they really do not get to the bottom of either of these conditions, and each one can return.

It is not my intent to medically diagnose or give allopathic medical advisory. People come to me because they desire to explore or enter into a more holistic pathway for healing . I respect the fact that we all have the potential to be co-creative in our well being and health care, and that individuals should have freedoms to choose. Most have already been medically diagnosed.

Those who have followed my protocols have healed. This requires patience, some self care effort, and trust.

My work, no matter WHAT modality I "employ the most", always rests on two foundational concepts- that of the EIGHT PILLARS OF NATURAL HEALING , and that of 'PEMS"- an acronym which prompts me to look at Physical, Emotional, Mental and Subtle Energy issues within the client and for treatment. There is no one magic bullet which provides the secret and shortcut to natural healing of more complex conditions, and by complex conditions I mean disease states.

Here is a description of working with someone who had endometriosis and came to me for better treatment than they felt they had been receiving- and bear in mind this is pared down to an outline and not a full position paper. A very similar approach has been used for fibroids.

1) I do an intake- intakes are 7 pages long and include dietary information as well as environmental information and health history.

2) I palpate- I am a licensed and trained bodyworker. I can feel the presence , density and essential size of fibroids in many cases, and also palpate later when they begin to shrink away.

3) I talk to the client and pursue questions, and listen.

4) I recommend herbs, in specific forms, with specific dosages and frequency directions, chosen to nourish, support, strengthen, and balance- including herbs to bring about pituitary gland function balance. It is key that these herbs are taken consistently and within the overall context of the protocols I create for clients. Cherry picking "remedies" does not work in this paradigm. The herbs selected do the following physiological jobs, if you will: balance hormones, strengthen weak tissue, support the liver, support eliminitive functions, and tone the nervous system. A truly holistic synergy of actions.

5) I recommend attention to emotional issues- flower essences have been helpful, books to bring about self reflection ....all the way to recommendations for professional counseling, for which I refer out. It is not up to me to interpret emotional issues for a given individual, yet they are always there to be untangled and released, and the clients are the first to recognize this. There is often past trauma in relation to these two conditions.

Polarity and MariEl energy work have also been superb energy balancing pathways in this regard.

6) I show, demonstrate, and recommend applied natural therapeutics- in the case of the two health conditions featured in this post- a Castor Oil Pack is an essential and helpful treatment, as is the duration and frequency of its use.

7) Any dietary (to be continued) recommendations and changes for better nourishment. There is rarely a need for drastic diets- usually just a few nourishing additions make a world of difference.

Natural healing and herbal care work by integrating several of what we, again, call "pillars"- Traditional naturopathy over the many decades in it's modern version have always featured this. Each pillar supports and gives synergy to the other.

The PILLARS are Diet, Bodywork, Herbal Medicine, Energy Work, Sleep/Rest Dynamics, Movement, Hydrotherapy, and Education/Counsel.

Clients who have done due diligence have recovered their natural and healthy functions. I have seen this take as little as 2-4 months, with comfort during the process; with a reduction of fear, bleeding, and pain. I require 2-3 follow up visits and provide support via e mail of phone.

When we go through a true healing process we come out the other end of the journey a changed person, transformed and empowered, and better in tune with the signs and signals of our body. This is not complicated- it is simply supporting the needs of the body.

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