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Readers, let me share why we are here. After over 20 years in the private practic and education field of the holistic arts and sciences, it was clear to me before that and even clearer to me now, that our culture wants and needs other, often more effective choices beyond the allopathic medical- which many call "traditional medicine" , but is not traditional at all, so I will call it "conventional". (but the proper term is "allopathic")

A system drawing from the 8 Pillars of Naturopathy- Diet, Bodywork, Hydrotherapy, Herbal Medicine, Sleep & Rest Dynamics, Movement, Energy Medicine, and Education/Counsel, addressing Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels of our being, IS Traditional Naturopathy, and it is effective, it does heal, it does create wellness, and often, it saves literally thousands of dollars in the longer run. And so we created a school, with a program approved at great length by the State of Michigan, Department of Regulatory Affairs (division of dept of education) , in 2009 to offer quality training so that graduated Naturopaths, and also Massage Therapists would have a standard to back their credentials and skills to work with clients. And we are hearing more and more from people, including an increase in those who have been in the medical field, and really want to open up to more holistic lifeways professionally and personally.

Our students come up with their own funding for tuition. That said we do offer a limited payment plan and consideration for a partial Work Exchange. This is an intensive academic program for adults with passion, commitment, and study habits. We give all possible pathways for prospective students to check out the school directly- visits, short class registration, clinic sessions, internships. Check out the information on this website; many key answers are available on the PDF's we offer on these pages. We look forward to meeting those of you whose inner compass draws you here.

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