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Visiting the School

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

A couple times a year , various people may be thinking of new directions in their lives, and some training that would go along with it. Some of my most exciting times in life were those when I plunged into a new program, travelled for a workshop, signed up for a series of certificate classes....

Early Fall, and around the new year are typical times when some of these programs begin- and so too does our Integrated Therapeutic Massage Program, which at this

writing begins in Early September, with advance registration active now.

A School Visit is by rsvp, set up typically between 1130-1230, when a class is in session. You can sit in on an active class and observe, while also looking around our studio and clinic service areas . Actually, whatever your plans, and Where-Ever, this is a good thing to do, to get a feel for the energy, the student teacher interactions, the comfort level, and so on. Classes meet every other week, for a 3 day module, so this is when to plan for the visit. If you want, you can request an application at that time, or have one e mailed to you.

Whether for career preparation , or for personal enrichment, this type of program takes time, energy and planning - planning for study, planning for the investment. As I observe- some students make long term friends, and if that isn't in the stars, they enjoy a harmonious experience wth like minded people in a supportive environment that they will remember warmly.

Let us know at any time if you have questions or wish to set this visit up!

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