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Case History- Sinus & Respiratory Problems

This is a common problem affecting many, at times on a consistent basis, and at time just now and then. Complications can include coughing, post nasal drip, worsening asthma issues. In the backdrop of all of this, is a weak and further weakening immune system.

In one particular case recently, the individual had lingering symptoms from a cold from 5 months ago! That is a long time, and a cause for concern. Suffering included sneezing, coughing, alternate runny nose or congestion, and negative effects to an underlying asthma condition. If you look down at the photo I am supplying, anatomically you will see the very large area the paranasal sinus cavities take up, and how they segue into the Oral Cavity. This alone helps us understand the larger picture of treatment needs going well beyond our nose!

Why was this person enduring these awful symptoms and this condition for 5 months? Did they not seek treatment before seeing me? In short, yes they did. But it did not work and it was not working or improving the health condition. Two of the primary "supplements " ( I am not crazy about that lame word) were an expensive proprietary brand , and the labels said " bovine liver, pig intestines, carrot, beet, rice". I am not even going to comment further on the utter uselessness of that. Two other products were given in such small doses , with NOTHING that would address the physiology of SINUS PROBLEMS, so they were useless as well. EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE means, if something does not work, we have evidence that is does not- the person is still sick!

The protocol for this particular case on our end was a nasally dosed, transdermal powdered formulation we simply call "Sinus Snuff". It comes with a small straw and one draws it up into each nostril and up as high as it can go. It opens up the circulatory passages - the blood supply- in the sinus region, along with other actions of the 4 herbs that compose this formula. Another extract was a "super" echinacea, to strengthen the lymphatic system and thus immune system. Another extract was given to help thin mucus and address the lower respiratory area, such as back of the throat and lung tissue. An ointment to open up the very localized nasal passages and bring comfort was given, and finally- Fire Cider- enough for nearly two months to improve the overall lymphatic and digestive system. A compound formulation we have used for 20 years was also given to greatly improve sleep quality.

The client reports favorable results within 48 hours. A clearing of congestion , extremely reduced sneezing, and an opening of the breath mechanism (Fire Cider helps with this a lot) leading to a reduction in asthma issues. But we don't stop there, just because one main uncomfortable symptom has abated. It is important to support the system over a longer time (thus this protocol). But notice that everything that was recommended actually DOES something beneficial on a physiological level, and not only that, the client has had it explained and understands, and can connect with me for feedback and comments and questions.

For now, this protocol is sufficient. Later, I might recommend continued self care in the form of pectoral castor oil packs . Clients can do them at home, and I like to show them simpler ways to do them beyond the fussy ways presented on the internet. More fire cider towards the fall, and in S

eptember some preparation with Elderberry tonic to protect against viral infections.

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