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Eliminate Toxic Emotions Daily

Here is another of the many examples of how Holistic herbal therapeutics are, and why not to always apply allopathic thinking to the use of herbs.

Consider Nerve Rejuvenator- a formula I have designed and used for over 20 years, which was a game changer and life changer for me and many others. Better sleep, lessen muscle and tissue tension (more about that later!) , calmer, reduction of pain. And as a side note, we like to name formulas for our own apothecary classification, however we do mix it up with different versions of nervine formulas.

Nerve Renuvenator works best in raw powdered form, and it does well added to a blended drink such as a cacao or vanilla smoothie. Herbs are always more bioavailable when there is no capsule to dissolve first. That said we still capsulate for various reasons- choice!

As time went on, in my clinical herbal practice - feedback and personal experience demonstrated a DIRECT LINK between eliminative function of the colon (which, BTW, if not moving well and proper, has a relationship to ANXIETY ). This means, people were telling us their bowels moved better, more reliably, and eliminated better. Anmd that is so important to all of our Holistic Levels of Well Being.

Gee, how does a "nervine" accomplish this?

Back to that "LESSEN muscle and tissue tension" reference- we might be aware of tension in our shoulders or legs, but tension, that we are not aware of, can and does exist in visceral tissue and interior body structures. If the nerves serving those areas are given nourishment and strength, combined with a general overall calming and release of holding patterns in body areas- Walla ! leads to the phemonena of the colon and other related, perhaps previously tense, tissues working better. And with this, we emotionally and mentally revive, as well.

We have been offering Nerve Rejuvenator formula, and Nerve Tonic Formula, and others for many years through our Apothecary. Join us if you can locally during the early months of 2019 (or any time you can, really!), for our free community events to learn mo

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