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MASSAGE MENTOR- practice building

Me, this morning talking to a new prospective client: "How did you hear of us?"

Their answer: " A co worker got a massage from you and spoke very highly"

How do we build a practice? Patiently and with behind the scenes effort. When I was very new at this, I actually looked at my first box of business cards and thought the world was waiting for me and that they were the gateway to calls rolling. I soon learned more about all of this. Here are some "star point" tips to consider :

* Be prepared to courteously explain what massage therapy even is, and to help callers feel at ease. The one referenced above was a first-timer, and will be coming for her appt in a couple days

* Develop an eagle eye for comfort. Waiting room comfy, WARM, pleasant? Session room ready, with a table warmer, low volume music, music choices, variety of lubricants for different kinds of work, and for aromatic or "no scent" offerings? Is the overall energy peaceful? Clean stocked restrooms?

* Can you , will you add something special to the session? My next client fell on the ice a couple days ago and I offered to do a hot aromatic compress. I am not "upselling", but rather doing this to enhance the session outcome.

* Can you find a local place to give demos of massage? People would really rather see and feel the work than just hear about it, although a bit of narration is nice. Co-op's, health food stores, libraries, and other community oriented places often welcome this.

Do make sure you have a brochure or flyer ready that is INFORMATIVE.

* Information- why are you attracted to invest in something, particularly your health and well being? To reduce stress? Resolve pain? Curiosity for a new experience? All 3 make a good offering. Clients wish to understand your background of experience and training, and a few words about your philosophy, along with a description of what you offer and your fees.

More later as this piece develops!

Students practicing techniques in class with instructor

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