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POLARITY Therapy for Anxiety


Polarity bodywork sessions are done fully clothed , as the client lies down on a massage table, within a one hour appointment. Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, DC, DO, ND- this a healing system which potentially includes elements of diet and movement.

During a session, there may be a period of discussion and intake about your needs. I prefer to just listen carefully to the person on levels of Mind, Spirit, Emotions, and physical issues. This information allows me to choose a session to do, and likely base a session on one of the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air Ether), each of which have representation to our past and emotions and mind patterns. Theser 5 elements are an integral part of Dr. Stones model , in turn drawn from Chinese and Ayurvedic wisdom.

While I have had a great respect , training and understanding of energy medicine for more than 20 years, not all "energy work" is the same. Polarity is deeply rooted in the natural sciences, anatomically influencing the 3 levels of our neurological system, as well as our Fascia system, which in turn, according to Dr. Stone and those trained in this discipline, influence our Energy Anatomy, which in turn is integrated with our emotional and mental history.

Hand placements and gentle adjustments are part of the session; the hands may be placed at specific points , such as shoulder and lateral hip, and then moved to other points. As Dr. Stone created this work over 50 years time, these hand placements access pathways , and encourage release of blocked energy.

A practitioner, I have over 1,000 hours of training in this field and have practiced it for over 20 years, and continue to hold it in high esteem for how it supports clients through many levels of healing.

The Bodywork sessions balance energy and neurological systems on a deep level. I recommend them for stress, transitions, focus and sleep issues, recovery, neurological injury, and for emotional healing. Physical symptoms which have not responded to other measures may clear up. If the energy balancing session ends before the hour is up, the client is guided to lie down a few more minutes for integration- and this, too, is an important part of the session, which may include some dialogue with the therapist to ground and integrate. We offer the sessions by appointment at our Center.

You do not have to be sick to benefit from Polarity- it is a wonderful rejuvenative healing session for continued self care, offering balance , transformation, depth into your life.

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