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SELF CARE before and during sickness

Focusing here on the flu and colds, including ANY VIRUS, we want to share some empowering practices which have kept us and our followers healthy, resilient, and helped them go through the occasional bug with greater ease and comfort.

1) Rest- get serious rest. The whole "eight hours" goes out the window when we actually have a bug. We may need to support rest by taking restful herbs, creating a home environment conducive to sleep, taking time off, breath exercises.

2) Fire Cider is a compound liquid tonic which definitely assists in circulation, breathing, and immune system function. See our earlier blog post on this. We make and supply it and it is easy for anyone to make.

3) Extra liquids and teas and broths are essential throughout winter and during any acute episode of sickness. Grandma was right. Broths have minerals, electrolytes, and nourishment. Teas made with grated ginger and lemon soothe and improve beneficial lymphatic and blood circulation. We need our circulation to perform optimally whe nour body is going into immne protection.

4) Light wholesome eating. Light nourishing whole foods are necessary. Getting into this habit for life will strengthen you for life. Apples or applesauce with cinnamon will settle the stomach. Stay away from sugary and junk food. Steamed greens, light proteins, and a little rice can be comforting and nourishing during illness.

5) Do we really have to say stop bad habits? I think so. Make an effort to stop smoking and vaping, to get daily exercise - walking is ideal- and examine any habits as to overuse of medications and alcohol. The USA was never on any good lists for overall cultural health to begin with, so why the surprise that an unhealthy population, dependent on medication but not ever following healthy habits- would succumb to a stronger virus? Take the blinders off. Examine your household for toxic items in the cleaning and toiletries department and get rid of them. Replace them with healthy cleaning supplies, including that which is used for laundry.

This is a short post and we do really wish everyone well, but good health comes with responsibility, and our mainstream narratives are completely devoid of that concept or any of the above recommendations.

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