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Calling BS on Health Care Propaganda

Lets take some time here to clarify and fully discredit such propagandist efforts as "quackwatch" (run by the unlicensed "md", Stephen Barret and "scepdoc" (somehow, run by an 80 year old retired air force former physician with zero cred in holistic fields) propaganda blogs and web sites. (and right along with it is "science" based medicine, a forum somehow tangential to their platforms) These are rabid and incendiary sites, operated by people who are not only fully ignorant and untrained in the holistic healing field, and are "over the hill" as to their obsolete attitudes, have no experience to counter their views- but more than that, are underwritten (paid) by powerful forces in the allopathic community.

These people are paid shills to be critics of any other health care except allopathic. Think about that- paid to discredit something they have no actual knowledge or experience in. A quack is a medically trained person who badly practices allopathy, and doesn't stay in their lane, not a person who PRACTICES THEIR OWN NON ALLOPATHIC PROFESSION. So who are the real quacks, here?

LETS GET ONE THING ABUNDANTLY CLEAR- when you read something to the effect that a health approach is "not" proven by "science" , what it really meant is that an elite community of allopathic science has not funded (and will never fund) unbiased research into the topic. This is what THEY MEAN, yet it is written up as if to convey unvarnished universal truth.

SO IT IS NOT TRUE that practice- based evidence and the Natural Sciences are not in play when we engage in holistic modalities- because THEY ARE , and they have worked well for people and changed lives. Health care approaches such as bodywork therapies, diet, acupuncture, herbal medicine- are all based solidly on PRACTICE BASED EVIDENCE and on the NATURAL SCIENCES. These are the EXACT methods these propagandists demonize, and more.

They also demonize the professional associations and guilds which represent and work to improve ethics and education in these practices.

Understand that WHATEVER MODALITY OR SUBJECT they rant about, (as do, unfortunately, some of our media as of late, such as NY Times, Washington Post, and Huffpo) , they try to "qualify " by saying "not proven by medical science". And notice, if you wander over to these toxic sites, the demeaning and negative energy , fully devoid of any scrap of personal experience. These are propagandists, similar to the North Korean regime- pure and simple. And they would really not need to operate these sites at all if they were not worried about losing ground as to what they are paid to defend. Notice that nothing written on these sites conveys actual care for human health and healing .

We see , however, that many approaches not used ("proven") or evern understood by "medical" science Do Work, work well, and have worked for decades . Thankfully we still have the health freedoms to choose most all of them.

These propagandists' web pages unfailing rely on this formula- 1) say (____ fill in the blank ____) is not "proven" by medical science, which is kind of like saying all talented people are not really talented unless they won a prize on American Idol 2) Twist the truth by writing disparagingly about treatments that sound flimsy (using rocks for healing a disease, for example), while LEAVING OUT the vast and useful methodologies that actually ARE employed to build health and healing.

"science based medicine" claims that moniker BUT IT IS ONLY "allopathic medical " science based. Wow, only one narrow form of science run by a narrow band of scientists with a narrow view. ( Please begin to understand and use the word "allopathic". It is but ONE FORM of medicine and health care) That fully leaves out the Natural Sciences . "Medical" science is a very narrow, and often flawed and corrupt world. This mentality that they wish to shove down people's throats leaves out a huge world of potential and , of REALITY. So I hereby lay a funeral wreath at the burial site of acceptance of health care propganda. Do not accept health care propganda- it has passed on!

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