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My Stress has Stress


Or maybe not so funny.

This is a stressful time for so many, and we each tend to have different perspectives as to why, along with our individual circumstances. And we try to cope, hopefully in a positive manner. I am suggesting here that the time has come to "go within" and take up holistic practices and methods that will help you feel peace of mind, have better rest, and increase vitality.

When someone is already stressed, the stresses may pile up and make all matters worse- in terms of lost sleep, mental fog, fragmented mental energy, pain, emotional imbalance and more. THIS DOESN'T MEAN we should have or cling to a psychiatric diagnose- in terms of natural medicine care it means "lets get to work helping the body manage stress in productive ways."

This CAN BE DONE, if you stick with it and are willing to create synergy to combine several fortifying and restorative practices and methods. I personally feel that there is no magic bullet , and have observed that pharmaceutical medication often makes things worse, is mis-prescribed, and certainly does not get to the bottom of why stresses are happening.

First of all, evaluate your life, your current "thumbnail" for now , if you will. Are there people you need to block, mute, avoid, detach from? This can relieve a lot of stress and give you the space to tend to yourself and your healing. This can be difficult for some people but often it really has to be done, even if it is family or what you consider "old friends", or people you feel sorry for, or people reaching out and draining your energy.

You cannot blame these people for your state of mind and body- you alone must resolve the energy drains around you.

Herbs Are extremely helpful in bringing about deeper sleep, calmer days, and much improved physiological responses to internal stresses, including that of our Adrenals, than we are consciously aware of. Please to see a qualified and experienced clinical herbalist for guidance. You can go down unproductive paths by merely googling and buying things off the shelf.

We always do a dietary intake- many of us can be helped significantly by adding better foods to our diet and avoiding other foods and beverages. Some nutrients, and in the proper forms, may be needed, for example magnesium in proper ratios as to the types of magnesium.

Meditation, meditative and mind resting practices are really helpful , in fact key. But this alone will not fully address stress patterns. Some exercise and movement daily reduces stress- taking a walk is free, so are swims in some areas (school pools!) , stretching at home. If you find it stressful to go to a fitness center, as many do, start there! 15 or 20 minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Please do feel you can contact me for a consult and with questions. Mary Light, ND MH LMT, NATUROPATH AND CLINICAL HERBALIST, 734-769-7794

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