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NATURAL FOOT CARE & reflexology

Natural Foot care and Reflexology are two different, yet complementary, pathways to foot health. We offer services for BOTH, and in our clinic foot reflexology is a $35.00 session of rejuvenation, vitality and bliss.

NATURAL FOOT CARE refers to a holistic view of why foot pain, bunions, plantar fascitis, Morton's Neuroma (merely a nerve impingement, although the name makes it sound irreversible, and allopaths often recommend harmful surgery).

I and others, my clients over the years, and our staff members, have nad all or one of the above, and we healed and reversed these orthopedic developments using simple natural means, much of which can be followed up by the individual right at home, with ease and very little investment.

It is beyond priceless to pursue an assessment and opinion about these issues.

Flexibility, ease and function of the feet transfers to the entire being. You've heard the phrase "Happy Feet"!

The foot and other areas of the body have reflex zones which can be worked with, and in my clinical experience and that of others, those of the foot very strongly refer to the inner anatomy of the body itself. The connection between a foot reflex- say the sinus reflex on the toes- to the actual sinuses- travels via the nervous system and fascia. So, yes, there is a physical and natural sciences explanation for why balancing results occur when foot reflexology is intelligently initiated.

My very first reflexology session, many years ago, was at a time when I knew nothing- I had not even begun to study the natural healing arts, although I had a curiosity. The superior relaxing effect upon my nervous system was beyond anything in my previous experience. I was hooked and respectful from that moment forward. I will haver to add that my practitioner was well trained, knew what she was doing, and did it well. We would expect this from any individual helping us with anything- but sometimes I need to remind people new to natural healing that finding quality and trained practitioners is necessary- not everyone is the same.

What can foot reflexology sessions help with? Certainly, the toning of the entire nervous system is primary, and is so helpful to overcome stress and the maladies related to stress, which include poor sleep, foggy concentration, fatigue and stagnation. After that there are benefits in terms of grounding, awareness, and awakening for self care. Who couldn't use more support in that area? I believe we are happier when we do have that support and use it as a positive force in our lives.

A few simple devices, properly used, have made all the difference to resolving common foot problems in a quick, lasting manner. A naturopath and/or massage therapist can show how to use "Yoga Toes" , and also how to use the Yamuna Zake 's "Foot Wakers". ( I have no commercial connection to either product, and am mentioning them because "knock offs" are often much less effective , and these are effective and were designed according to orthopedic science. ( I also don't care where they are purchased- giving a link is a starting point).

Working, then, with both the STRUCTURE and the ENERGY PATHWAYS found in the body, in this case the foot, can yield huge healing results. I do hands-on consults, teachings in this area, and we train our students to work and critically think in this area of health care.

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