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Pain, resolved our way

Many people that we encounter do not resolve their pain or become free of their pain, because allopathic care often never tries to get to the root of the pain, and instead masks pain responses with steroids (which are ultimately destructive), and other pharmaceutical drugs. Which is why then end up with us.

What DIFFERENTIATES traditional naturopathy from allopathic ("conventional") medical approaches is not that we look for and treat the CAUSE. It could be a bone out of place, inflammation is in the tissues due to various causes (dietary, stagnation, restriction, metabolic residues....) , a growth could be pressing against nerves, a blockage (gall bladder, kidney, colon) or aberration must be looked at and give riddance. SURGERY is simply not always the answer nor it is a good answer. If something smelled bad in your house, would you merely spray in the air, or would you think it was smarter to look for the cause and clean that up? The analogy stands here.


1) Migraine , we have found, is often due to tension patterns creeping up the neck/shoulder musculature into cranial fascia and sutures. Why take a pill if all this does is numb , but leaves this essential problem unresolved? Yet it can be resolved through bodywork and hydrotherapy and other adjunct and affordable natural therapeutics. If you are on drugs for migraine and even accepting botox shots , and you still have migraines , would it not be apparent that this is not working?

2) The gall badder, liver, and kidney/urinary system can be cared for with guidance, and with specific effective natural therapeutic applications - instead of being left to develop harmful sediments and mineral formations (which doctors call "stones"). It is actually easy to "undo" this development- but when was the last time any MD told you that? What we hear most often is "Well...... lets "wait" .....and what they mean, is , "wait" until things get much worse so they can bill insurance big time for an operation.

3) General body pains in muscles and joints respond well to actual care of the body, through mild consistent stretching, proper footwear, and improved diets to reduce diet caused inflammation. (sugars are a big culprit here!). Cartilage CAN BE REGENERATED with nourishing support.... instead of one being led to the slaughter of a knee or hip replacement.

We have experienced, seen, and done all of the above. And these are merely simple examples of very common every day pain patterns. While we of course desire relief during any healing process, drugs causing addiction and death are simply not the best answer. If you have pain, would you not agree that your comfort is worth a different opinion? Why suffer?

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