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POISON CONTROL- your tum-tum

"POISON CONTROL" - that's the name of one of my favorite and most consciously stocked botanical formulas in our School Herbal Apothecary. It started out being a remedy for food poisoning, which includes "getting glutened" , and we also reach for it during garden variety nausea, stomach aches, "bugs", diahrrea, and your general intestinal upsets causing these discomforts. 2 people I know - and myself - used it yesterday..... You never know!

You'd want to travel with it, want it at home and at work. Ours is a derivation of a Dr. Schultze formula, which we respect, however ours is more affordable while not sacrificing even one iota of quality. We also package as much as we can AVOIDING plastic containers (granted, we have a small bit of inventory to use up), and this one is currently in a small baggy, which is much less environmentally impactful than a plastic jar with a plastic lid, just for a powdered product.

It is instant- mix with water and knock back, and it will generally relieve and neutralize many digestive ills, fairly quickly. It can be capsulated but it works quicker this way, as an affected tum tum doesn't have to wait to break down capsules. One can shake it with a little juice as well. I have used it with dogs and cats, too! And it is fine for children. Available in our apothecary. This formula is also used to regenerate imflammed tissue in the intestines as a preparatory protocol for intestinal tissue healing and restoration- in which case it is used daily over a period of 1-3 months.

~ Mary Light, ND MH LMT

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