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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Part 2 will go into how professional consults work, and why they may be necessary.


COMFREY SALVE Our 2 oz jars are 14$

This should be in every household, taken to every camp, road trip, and hike. Comfrey , along with clove for antimicrobial action, cleanses and heals wounds. It is made by extracting comfrey therapeutics directly into oil using quality comfrey. We infuse fresh ground clove with it . Very soothing- but here is the science: Comfrey actually helps new fresh healing cells to form , more quickly, for irritations, wounds, chafing, scrapes. Many have used it as a skin care cream!


Similar in action to Comfrey Salve. Calendula is naturally antimicrobial and has documented healing properties. The yellow color comes from the actual yellow and orange calendula flowers which have a medicinal resin that dissolves into oil so we can then make the creams and salves. 20 years of experience with this, safe for infants to elderly, would not be without it. It has been used for face, wounds, lactation problems, baby bottoms, skin care and topical healing.


I had great results with my initial formulation, and after that decided to double the magnesium into the liquid water based solution we use to make a cream emulsion. I feel this was a more effective formulation and allowed the product to go further. Smooth into lymphatic areas, including neck, any stiff joints, pectoral/axillary areas, behind knees. I put some on temples and have found it reduces tinnitus for myself and others. Use sparingly as a massage cream- a little goes a long way. Coconut Oil base. If we add essential oils we will label accordingly, always carry unscented. MAGNESIUM CREAM HELPS A LOT WITH SLEEP QUALITY, and yes, it is different than just taking magnesium pills!

TINCTURES and extracts approx. 10-13$ an ounce , 2 , 4 and 8 oz sizes.

First of all- these are concentrated liquid extracts , generally with a vodka base. Tiny amounts go a long way. I have never felt even a mere sense of intoxication taking tinctures for 20+ years, that said, alcohol sensitive persons may prefer to request WATER BASED preparations instead.

There are too many types of tinctures to list! But what do they do? Many things- our approach is RESTORATIVE HERBALISM , and our extracts are recommended on a case by case basis, or for individual reasons. Here is an example of just 10 of our many TINCTURES AND EXTRACTS, and what they can be used for:

ST. JOHNS WORT- Definitely for seasonal affective low grade depression, for times when you feel heading for a funk. YOU NEED TO USE THIS CONSISTENTLY for several weeks , it is not a “one time dose “ formulation. General dose is ½ teasp twice a day in water juice or tea. SJW is also a mood uplifting agent, and anti-inflammatory and analgesic (means reduces pain).

VITEX - I have this on hand because for 20+ years it has helped women of all ages balance out their cycle , reduce fibroids, as an integrated agent for endometriosis protocols, and even for men to balance androgens and deal with Acne problems in both men and women.

GRINDELIA - this is an important member of our Apothecary for respiratory issues. It is anti-microbial, thins heavy mucus, eases respiratory congestion, and rejuvenates ongoing lung problems.

CALIFORNIA POPPY- Sleep aid, calmative, sedates. Very helpful for those wishing to drop off into sleep more quickly and deepen the sleep they have.

BRAIN FORMULA – a compound formula with ginko, calamus, gotu kola, cayenne, rosemary, and at times a few other complementary herbs- SHARPENS MIND, clearer thought, increased circulation in cerebral area, notable agent to aid in cerebral/brain/cranial injury healing. It does require consistent use , however you can take breaks from it, and resume the program of use later.

FEVERFEW- This extract has helped many with cranial tension and headache patterns

ECHINACEA, AND SUPER ECHINACEA- Super version is with cayenne to get deeper into the tissues. Echinacea helps the lymphatic system bring more white blood cells and macrophages to infected areas, and helps the immune system work during acute phases of injury, general infections, viral and bacterial pathologies. Root, flowers, leaves.

DIGESTIVE BITTERS- A little goes a long way. Yes, this is bitter, and our formulation is tempered with some sweetness from vegetable glycerine and mints. Our clients with low stomach acid and digestive problems of different kinds have given us consistent feedback that this really helps. A dropperful goes a long way. Follow with a chaser! My favorite is a juice such as pineapple, apple, or sweetened cranberry. With gentian, calamus, wormwood, mints. The bitter herbs stimulate the liver and gall bladder allowing for release of beneficial digestive enzymes from natural organ secretions, including the stomach.

GRAVEL ROOT- Many people have Kidney /Bladder system issues, such as recurring infections, frequent urination which keeps them up at night, even kidney stone patterns. Gravel Root is antilithic, which means it dissolves sediment and crystals. I see immediate results even in cats. Most problems of this system would be helped with the addition of this extract on hand.

SWEET SLEEP EXTRACT - A blend of known nervines which calm, sedate, relieve pain. We label which ones, and the blends provide synergy which we find will address different needs.

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