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Why See a Naturopath?

As more holistic health and wellness choices continue to emerge , as they thankfully, slowly have over more than 20 years, people are getting better and building health without dependency on just the allopathic (conventional medical) field.

But even with medical clinics in place, we don't always know where to go first and what the first steps should, or could be taken - or how to integrate several types of practitioners.

Here are areas where a Naturopath and the naturopath field would be strong, as far as guiding care, assessing, and providing therapeutic agents, such as herbal formulations, to support internal and external healing:

1) Classical naturopathy focuses on strengthening the immune system and your immunity in general. This is vastly overlooked in the medical field, where shots, vaccines, and antibiotics are more intently dispersed, neglecting the nourishment and support of the immune system entirely.

2) A good naturopath will spend quality time assessing and gathering data, because in our field we believe we are treating the individual, rather than trying to fit a few symptoms into a quick diagnoses with a cookie cutter prescription or resolution. Factors emerge that show us holistic relationships within a person's Inner Ecology that need attention.

3) Naturopaths should understand that Sleep, Movement, Diet, Environment- qualities of all of these at the very least- must be the most supportive for a person to achieve wellness. Having studied all of these areas within the context of the study of Anatomy and Physiology, they are better able to form a healing program.

4) A Naturopath can give you a perspective that may well, and often is, missing from whatever medical diagnoses or medical history you bring to the table. Armed with new information and support, you can begin to see your malady in a different, more productive light, and use the recommendations, remedies, and directives that the Naturopath provides to better and improve your entire health profile.

5) Last, but not least, and certainly not the end of the discussion - having a perspective outside of the limited codex of allopathic diagnoses can support you in making changes in how you think, and in your habits. I know for me, periodically getting acupuncture (which is NOT naturopathy- it is an entirely different, although "natural", model of care and tool, that I value) allows me to access a treatment I do not have the background to give to myself, while influencing me to "slow down", if I need to, or change my diet , or work with other suggestions that arise from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Model. I will also put in a word for the great value to you and all community health care, of holistic practitioners being much more free to cross-refer when needed- I don't see that much at all- do you? - emanating from medical clinics.

It is worth weight in gold to get advisory, assessment, and perspective from a qualified Traditional Naturopath, who will spend time evauating your concerns through the lens of their specific and special field, and spend time explaining them to you clearly in ways you can relate to and more forward with, with self care in your life. Our clinic offers professional consults by appointment, as well as brief advisory within the Student Intern Clinic by appointment.

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